Core & Four Private Wealth Management

Have you Outgrown Conventional Wealth Management?

Are you Curious about Building Generational Wealth?

Are you Ready to Use the Same Asset Classes as Elite Investors?

At Cope Corrales we’ve developed a customized approach to managing your wealth that combines the best of conventional wealth management with investments wealthy families have used for generations.

CORE Portfolios

CORE Portfolios typically make up 50-95% of our client portfolios. They are comprised of liquid investments: Stocks, Bonds, ETFs, Funds and Alternatives. They are managed tactically and strategically. CORE assets provide the foundation for a secure retirement and future. They also provide valuable collateral to leverage against through portfolio lines of credit, i.e. Private Banking. 

Cope Corrales FOUR Alternatives


Venture Capital is often considered a subset of Private Equity, however early stage investing carries its own unique risk profile and for our clients, warrants a separate class all together. The stakes are high, so too can be the profits.

Watch this video to learn more about Venture Capital Investing.


Private Equity invests in mid and late stage companies, ones that have stable cash flows and promising business models. An investor should expect preferred returns and future liquidity events in exchange for lower liquidity and potential risk of investing in nonpublic companies.

Watch this video to learn more about Private Equity Investing.


Investing in Real Estate, outside of your personal residence, takes multiple forms including active ownership (think flipping houses) passive ownership (limited partnership) or distanced ownership (REITs.) Most importantly when investing in Real Estate we follow the old saying: When Real Estate is good, it’s really good. When it’s bad, it’s really bad.

Watch this video to learn more how we use Real Estate Investing.


Low Risk Assets typically provide assurances, guarantees or low correlation to traditional market assets like stocks and bonds. We use low risk assets to provide predictability, certainty and tax benefits that clients prefer for a portion of their assets.

Watch this video to learn more about Low Risk Asset Investing

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