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Business Owner Series

Business and Personal Financial State of the Union

You would like to sell your business. Where do you start? Watch this video to learn the right questions to ask, and easy steps to take as you move toward a successful transition. Take the Financial State of the Union Assessment

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Value Drivers

What will get you top dollar for your company? Maximizing and optimizing your company’s Value Drivers. Discover more about your company’s unique Value Drivers

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Becoming Dispensable to your Business

Becoming dispensable may sound counterintuitive but is imperative to building the value of your company. So that you can sell your company when you want, to whom you want and for the price you want. Where are you on the journey to becoming dispensable and maximizing the value of your company?

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Deferred Compensation Plans

When implemented correctly, a deferred compensation plan should make you money, grow your company, and allow you to keep and recruit key employees.

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Phantom Equity: How to Provide a Financial Stake in the Success of Your Company to Your Employees

How do you incentivize employees to act like owners and reward them for future growth of the company, without being owners? Watch and find out.

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ESOPs: How to Sell Your Business to Your Employees

Have you considered selling to your employees as part of your exit strategy? And even more so, would you like to eliminate the tax bite the IRS takes when selling your business? Watch to find out more.

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Donor Advised Funds: How to Build a Family Legacy and Giving to Charity in a Strategic Way

If you would like to learn more about Donor Advised Funds and whether they are a fit for your wealth plan, we would welcome a conversation.

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Estate Planning: Why the Tax Code Punishes Success and How to Fix It

Should a fast growing company or highly appreciated stock be part of your estate? Watch to learn more.

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