Value Driver Assessment

    Have you identified the key people, processes and products needed to deliver top-dollar for your company? These are called Value Drivers.

    Take the assessment below to determine where you stand in your steps to a successful and profitable exit. All answers are 100% confidential and will be emailed to you immediately.

    Part 1 of 3

    People: Next-Level Management

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    Part 3 of 3

    Product & Customers

    All answers are 100% confidential and will be emailed to you immediately.

    There are no right or wrong answers; only answers which provide insight into:

    • Whether you are on the road to creating a business that can run successfully without you. That’s a business with transferable value.
    • What activities you might like to explore further as you spend more time away from your business before you leave it.
    • Whether your current advisors have the experience and skills necessary to help you create a business with transferable value

    To get “there” involves installing and using financial controls, operational systems, and hiring, motivating and retaining next-level managers.  Designing incentivized compensation structures that align these managers’ interests with company’s is key. 

    You’re not alone. Let’s talk about how to grow your company while planning your exit when you want, to whom you want and for the price you want.

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