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Student Loan Debt is a worthwhile investment. You are investing in you, your career and family’s future. There can be no greater investment. While the debt may be in the hundreds of thousands, the income and wealth you will create over your lifetime will number in the millions. Paying your debt must be done strategically, equally so refinancing. When should I refinance? With whom should I refinance? And How (what terms, interest rates) should I refinance are the three questions you must answer before you refinance.

Management of Your Student Loans

Federal Direct Loans are serviced by a variety of approved Federal Loan Servicing companies – many of whom you may recognize – Navient, Mohela, Nelnet etc. You can find a list of them here Log-in, they will provide you all the information you need about your loans, grace period and repayment options

Federal Repayment Options

Here you will find a list of your Federal Repayment Options. Generally, you should consider IBR as your first option which will be the best cash flow option for you entering practice. You will be defaulted into the 10 year Standard Repayment Plan if you do nothing.


Low Fixed & Variable Interest Rates, additional savings with AutoPay
Consolidate all your loans – federal and private – into one single loan with one bill.
No application or origination fees.No pre-payment penalties.
If you lose your job, loan payments may be paused (SoFi Only)

This is the Student Loan Refinancing Calculator. Use it to get a feel for your Student Loan Payments and interest over the life of a loan.

Here are few tips before diving in:
  1. Federal loans generally have more flexible repayment terms but high interest rates. Flexibility is important when first in practice.
  2. Private loans generally have lower interest rates but shorter repayment periods and less flexible terms. Their use should be considered when you feel financially stable.
  3. How do you know if refinancing is for you? Call us. Email us. We’ll talk you through it.
*These calculators are for hypothetical purposes only. Please contact your Student Loan Management service and private student loan consolidation for exact rates, terms and payment amounts

Private Lenders

Sofi is the largest private student loan lender with over 1.75B in loans issued. They offer industry best interest rates and terms. How? Their nontraditional underwriting approach takes into account merit and employment history among other factors to provide unique financial and investment products. Simply click on the icon to the left for more information.

Laurel Road A brick and mortar bank headquartered in Connecticut but serving clients all around the country. They also offer top notch interest rates and terms.. Two great features about DRB – they will allow you to refinance while still in school/residency provided you have an employment contract signed, and they honor grace/deferment periods. nt
At each bank, a group of customer service representative familiar with Cope Corrales will guide you through the refinance process.

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